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In this teardown, we review the website of the American Society of Workers Compensation Professionals and discuss how to make it more effective.

Note: AMCOMP did a recent update of their website taking into account some of these recommendations. The live site is here:

Key Takeaways

  • It's okay to have a smaller navigation if you don't have a lot of content. Don't employ a "puffer fish" strategy trying to seem more comprehensive than you are. It's more intuitive and useful for visitors to focus their attention where you do have content.
  • Try and keep navigation sets under 6 items
  • "About" doesn't belong on your primary navigation
  • Your footer is a good spot to have contact information— it's a known pattern. People will look for your info there if they need to contact you.
  • A list of membership levels and features is a weak way to sell membership. Use the Member Magnet Framework to dive deeper into what matters to different kinds of members.
  • Your member benefits page is key. Put the work in to make it your best membership pitch and it will magnify the impact of your website in supporting member growth.
  • How to use focus in your social media efforts to circumvent small staff limitations.
  • There are 3 ways to grow membership: get more people to be aware of your organization, do a better job selling membership, and retaining more members than you lose. Most execs focus on growing awareness and miss out on their biggest opportunity- doing a better job of selling membership.