Proving ROI for membership with piles of cash

The 2019 Marketing General Membership Marketing & Benchmarking report has a section on internal challenges to membership.

The #3 largest internal challenge is “Difficulty in proving ROI.”

“How do we prove return on investment,” is not a great question for improving retention.

A baker with a sample tray

After a presentation, an executive approached me with an internal argument her staff was having. She said that they were going back and forth over whether they should make all of the content on their website freely available or whether they should put it behind a membership "wall" so that only members could access it? She wanted to know which option I advocated? 

Should your association website have content speaking to your member’s customers?

As an example, if you’re an association of landscape professionals, should you write articles on lawn management or have a big button, “Find a Landscape Professional?”