Resurgent is a small remote team based out of Portland, Oregon.  We’ve been in business building websites and programming products for over 12 years.

We’re not from the association industry.

Our president, John Hooley, is the principal consultant. He’s a Marine Corps veteran and long time entrepreneur.

We draw on these experiences to bring a pragmatic approach to our work and are excellent at clarifying complex challenges into opportunities to grow.

3 Pillars of Successful Digital Projects

We believe that there are three key principles to digital projects for associations and professional societies.

#1 Associations Must Serve Members First

A whiteboard with all sorts of association needs on it with Member Needs circled

To be successful, you must put your members first.

This means that you prioritize their needs over internal politics, staff pet projects, beliefs that you know better than them, and even your own fears.

Yes, your own fears. Because serving members often means trying new things.

The measure of anything we work on together should be how it serves members.

Serving members first is about agreeing on where our priorities lie.


#2 Your Website Should Be a Perfect Reflection of Your Strategy

A chess knight piece looking at its reflection in a mirror

A website is just a website. You get your committees together, plan what you want to say, think about what functionality might be valuable, create an attractive design, make sure it lines up perfectly with your AMS, and you’re good to go. Right?


An effective website is not a software package.  It's not a marketing vehicle.  It's not a communication tool for your board.  And it's not a compromise of all your different stakeholder goals.

An effective website is a strategic asset. It should perfectly reflect your strategy to create and serve members.  

That’s why at Resurgent we start by diving deep into your situation, goals, and constraints.

We’ll help you:

  • Determine what members value.
  • Identify low risk tactics that marry your unique situation with member needs.
  • Use data to recommend tactics that will support your strategic goals.

Because of this, when we work with associations we generate a host of insights that carry far beyond just the website and impact other parts of your strategy.

Your website as a perfect reflection of your strategy is about knowing *what to do* to serve your members.


#3 A Tool is Not a Solution

An equation showing a wrench != a light bulb

Success with digital projects is not about copy and paste. You have a unique organization, with unique leaders, containing members with unique needs. You cannot expect to get the same results using the same tools and techniques as everyone else. As a corollary, implementation of a specific AMS, CMS, or marketing automation tool is not going to get you where you want to be.

It doesn’t matter what your technology stack is. It doesn’t matter what tactic you’re using.

What matters is that you’re effectively pursuing a well considered strategy.

For example, surveys can be very effective. They can also be ineffective and damaging. That you’re surveying your members because you’re supposed to won’t result in growth. What will is collecting targetted feedback  and applying it.

Knowing the difference between tools and solutions is about understanding *how* to serve your members.

Our Mission

These three pillars drive projects that help organizations like yours grow through digital. And growth is important to us!

Resurgent’s mission is to add 90,000 members to professional organizations like yours by 2029.

How will we do that?

We’re executing three strategies to accomplish this goal.

  1. Digital Projects. We’re working with associations like yours to make direct improvements to your website and digital strategy to boost growth by improving recruitment and retention.
  2. Education. We’re continually creating educational content in the form of speeches, articles, e-books, guest blog posts, and emails to our list to help associations who don’t work directly with us grow.
  3. Software. We’re developing tools to improve members’ digital experience with your association while helping to drive recruitment and retention. While a tool is not a solution, a good tool can still help guide your efforts and we’re working to give you those tools.

Will Your Members Be Part of the 90,000?

We’re on the lookout for growth minded associations and societies that know they could be creating more value for their members online.

Is that you? If so, we should talk.

Just shoot us an email using the button in the navigation or email John directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.